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School Drama is a professional learning program with a difference where we bring the learning to you, pairing each teacher with a Teaching Artist to undertake a unique co-mentoring partnership.

School Drama has a dual focus. The primary focus is on the individual teacher’s professional learning. With this in mind, a Teaching Artist will model how to use process drama-based strategies with quality children’s literature to improve teaching and learning. The secondary focus is on improving student literacy and engagement.

School Drama was developed by Sydney Theatre Company over a four-year pilot program, in partnership with The University of Sydney and leading academic Professor Robyn Ewing AM.

“Drama engages children in the big questions in life” – Professor Robyn Ewing AM. 



What does School Drama involve?

The program begins with a pre-program professional development workshop attended by all participating classroom teachers and school principals.

This is followed by two planning sessions with a Teaching Artist, focused on tailoring a team-teaching program to meet the specific learning goals of each class.

Barking Gecko Theatre partners each participating teacher with a Barking Gecko Theatre Teaching Artist for the school term. Together they explore how drama strategies can be integrated into any area of English and literacy, such as inferential comprehension, confidence in oracy, descriptive language or imaginative writing.

Over seven weeks the Teaching Artist team teaches the program with the teacher in their classroom, modelling the drama strategies and empowering the teacher to confidently integrate these ideas and strategies into their regular teaching practice.

For more information please contact our Creative Learning Manager, Hannah Smith, at or call (08) 6184 4905.

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