18 July - 09 August
Charlie Bucktin is a geeky thirteen-year-old living in a country WA town in 1965. He's probably the only teenager who reads books in a town that's sport mad. His best mate Jeffrey Lu is Vietnamese, and isn't having such a good time of things either. Jasper Jones is an Indigenous 14 year-old that lives on the outside of town and the wrong side of the tracks. One summer night, Jasper takes Charlie to his secret glade in the bush. Charlie witnesses a terrible discovery and is suddenly embroiled in a plot with more twists and turns than any of the novels he so dearly loves.
4 August - 26 September
Martin's the new kid at school among a sea of unfamiliar faces. Sharon's the class bully and she doesn't like Martin one bit. Then Simon McGurk comes along. He's wildly different to Martin, but they become the best of buddies. Then, one day, Martin does something that will poison their friendship forever. A coming-of-age tale about friendship, betrayal and overcoming adversity originally created by the remarkable Catherine Wheels Theatre Company, UK.