Barking Gecko Theatre Team

Chair | Tony Chong

Board Member  |  Guy Boyce

Board Member | Andries Weidemann

Board Member | Kaylene Gulich PSM

Board Member | Amanda Morrison

Board Member  |  Dr Christina Davies

Board Member  |  Trish Hill-Wall

CEO and Executive Producer | Ryan Taaffe

Artistic Director  |  Luke Kerridge

Creative Learning Manager  |  Fiona Taylor

Creative Learning Associate  |  Carla Nirella

Producer  |  Sean Walsh

Production Manager | Stewart Campbell

Philanthropy and Sponsorship Manager  |  Monique Beaudoire

Finance Manager  |  Joy Crocker

Marketing Manager  | Bernadette Shinner 

Office Administrator | Joshua Haines

Ticketing Specialist | Amy Welsh


Visiting Scholar  |  Professor Robyn Ewing AM

Publicity  |  Tracy Routledge, TR PR

North America Representation  |  Jim Weiner, Boat Rocker Entertainment


Gecko Ensembles | Vicky Biorac

Gecko Ensembles | Emily Criddle

Gecko Ensembles | Michelle Hall

Gecko Ensembles | CJ Hampson

Creative Learning Resources | Teresa Jakovich 

Gecko Ensembles | Yvan Karlsson 

School Drama | Karen Le Raye 

Gecko Ensembles | Siobhan Maiden

School Drama | Jo Morris

Gecko Ensembles & School Drama | Carla Nirella

Gecko Ensembles | Russ Pirie

Gecko Ensembles | Amy Johnstone

School Drama | Mark Storen 

Gecko Ensembles | Mitchell Whelan

Gecko Ensembles | Georgia Wilkinson-Derums