Our Mission

Our mission is to be a locally cherished, nationally significant theatre company.



Children that are courageous, creative and culturally engaged.



Artistic excellence, regardless of age.


We prize the well-crafted, the rigorous, the detailed, the exquisite. We work with leading artists to tell incredible stories. When it comes to creating theatre for young audiences our motto is: for the smallest, only the finest.

Respect for Children

We acknowledge the agency and capacity of young people. We speak to the whole child, in the here and now – not to audiences, or citizens, of tomorrow. We listen to children’s voices and look at the world from their point of view, and we build that perspective into the art we make.


It takes courage to shape a new future. We embrace risk as an essential part of the creative process and moving a culture forward. We value legacy, we take the long view and we look to how leadership can be an act of service.


Curiosity is the beginning of all creativity. We lean into the unknown to discover new ideas. We celebrate the unusual, the wonderful, the ‘other’. We are curious about other perspectives, other stories, other possibilities.

  • Create exquisitely crafted theatre for children and young audiences;
  • Ensure our theatre is accessible to the broadest range of young audiences in WA;
  • Strengthen the WA theatre industry and its artists;
  • Showcase the company’s work nationally and internationally;
  • Inspire and encourage creative learning in primary teachers, students and the broader community;
  • Be a well-governed professional organisation that embraces artistic risk and innovation and is financially stable well into the future.