Emery Whipple is a Master Collector who travels the world collecting objects and stories with their dutiful assistant, Kip. However, the art of collecting is endangered, and the world is running out of stories!

Emery and Kip's journey has brought them to classrooms across our state with a special mission - to recruit new members to The Global Society of Collectors! But when a puzzling object crawls into Emery’s teapot while visiting the beautiful Western Australian coastline, their mission is thrown off course.

Enlisting the help of students - the newly appointed new Junior Collectors - Emery and Kip work to unravel the mystery with the hope of finding a home for the unclassifiable 'thingmabob'. However, when a villainous bureaucracy tries to intervene, they must use their collective imagination to find a solution and dream a new world into existence.

Inspired by Australian artist, writer and film maker Shaun Tan's exquisite picture book, The Lost Thing, the Master Collector is a participatory, immersive storytelling experience about difference, belonging and the power of imagination.

Delivered through one-hour hybrid 'performance workshops' across five weeks, learning is embedded in the narrative. Students are front and centre of the story, playing an active role in its development and imagining a way for everyone – and everything – to have a home.


Created by: Carla Nirella, Luke Kerridge, Adriano Cappelletta and Grace Chow

Written by: Luke Kerridge and Adriano Cappelletta

Designer: Amalia Lambert

Sound Designer: Tim Collins

Puppet Construction: Stewart Campbell

Props and Building: Stewart Campbell and Luke Salfinger

Video Content: Grace Chow

Creative Learning Manager: Fiona Lane

2023 Immerse Teaching Artists/Performers:
Carla Nirella and Hannah Davidson
Jo Morris and Isaac Diamond
Teresa Jakovich and Grace Chow

Creative Learning Partnerships Program

Woodside Arts Access Initiative