“BGT’s vision is for children to be courageous, creative and culturally engaged. Isolate > Create > Connect has been designed to capture this once-in-a-generation event through the eyes of children, providing them with a way of interpreting the current circumstances and responding with their innate creativity.” – Artistic Director Luke Kerridge


Over ten weeks, children aged 5 to 17 were set a creative task through a weekly video delivered by teaching artists from Australia, the UK and India, inviting them to create a small artwork capturing their perspective on the world in that moment. This has become a lasting record of how life in isolation during COVID-19 was experienced by young people.

Children were asked to create their own artwork with whatever tools they had at their disposal at home. Their responses took the form of writing, drawing, interviews, video, poetry, voice recording and other forms of storytelling.

Barking Gecko created an online gallery of all the creative contributions on our website, forming a digital scrapbook of children’s creative responses to this unprecedented time in history.

Above all, we were conscious to provide ways for children to actively engage from their own homes. This guiding intention led to the development of a series of artist-led projects, and Isolate > Create > Connect was born.

A Day in The Life

Nishna Mehta (England, ThinkArts)


Museum of Me

Miles Openshaw (Perth, Barking Gecko Theatre)


Upside Down, Inside Out

Michelle Hall (Perth, Barking Gecko Theatre)


Sounds Like Home

Asha Kiani (Perth, Barking Gecko Theatre)


Fortress of Solitude

Ariana Paganetti (Karratha, Barking Gecko Theatre)


Parent Portrait

Vikram Sridhar (Bangalore, ThinkArts)


Little Book of Worries

Mark Storen (Perth, Barking Gecko Theatre)


Message in a Bottle

Sanyukta Saha (Delhi, ThinkArts)


Everything is Temporary

Kim Walsh (Perth Barking Gecko Theatre)


The New World

Luke Kerridge (Perth, Barking Gecko Theatre)